Calvita J. Frederick-Sowell, a lawyer, founded Magnolia Spice Teas, Inc. in 1998, in Chicago, IL to capture an untapped niche market for ready to drink Southern-style sweet tea.

Magnolia Spice Teas now offers healthy, all natural beverage alternatives, uniquely flavored, and ready to drink, including premium teas, lemonade and exotic fruit nectars.

Teas are kettle-brewed from black or green tea leaves and other natural ingredients, unlike most other ready to drink teas, which are made from liquid concentrate and water. Black and green teas are well known for producing flavorful beverages with health benefits.

Magnolia's beverages are bottled in glass at 200° F with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and are shelf stable for over 1 year.

Sweetened with evaporated cane juice or honey, most can be served hot or cold.

Foods giants like Supervalu/Albert sons; Costco (distributes through mid-west division 10 states; Kroger (distributes through 8 regional divisions including Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, North/South Carolina and Virginia; Giant-Landover Stores, in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey; Supervalu; and Safeway are distributing the brand. The teas are also on the shelf at select Wal-Mart stores in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas.

In March 2005, Magnolia's Southern Style Sweet Tea wins 1st Place, Best Ready-to Drink Sweet Tea at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.  In 2006 BEVNET (www.BEVNET.com) reviews Magnolia's beverages and gives Southern Style Sweet Tea a top rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars
Magnolia's beverages have won other awards and received recognition in local, regional and national publications, including the Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune, trade publications, including Beverage Aisle and Tea and Coffee as well as business magazines including Black Enterprise.


Magnolia Southern Style™ - Magnolia’s award-winning signature Tea, it won first place at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas for “Best Sweetened Ready-To-Drink Tea. Black Tea leaves flavored with cinnamon, cloves and fruit. Authentic Southern sweet tea.

Magnolia Unsweetened™Same as Southern-style but with NO sweeteners, and only 7 calories. Ideal for diabetics or calories conscious consumers.

Magnolia Autumn Nectar™ - A fruit tea, it contains Black Tea leaves, spices and a comforting blend of fruit juice. A choice of professed non-tea drinkers.

Magnolia Splendid Green Tea™ - Incorporates licorice root, hibiscus, cinnamon and honey with premium kettle brewed natural green tea leaves. Great for the calorie/carb conscious consumer.


Magnolia Nilla-Nade Vanilla Lemonade™ - Vanilla flavored lemonade, totally unique to marketplace and surprisingly refreshing. “The idea of combining two very distinct flavors such as vanilla and lemon into a smooth-tasting beverage seemed impossible, but Magnolia has created a refreshing beverage, that left me longing for seconds.”

(Denise I. O’Neal, Chicago Sun Times – 2005).


Mango; Mango Passion; Mango Carrot; Guava

These fruit drinks are unique because they contain no less than 35-40% fruit juice, 20% more than the competition, with the added benefit of potassium, calcium, Vitamins A and C and sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice. Also bilingual labels